• Medical and Surgical Dermatology

    Ozark Dermatology Clinic is a comprehensive skin diagnosis, treatment, and surgery center for patients of all ages and skin types. Our team of expert physicians and highly trained physician assistants have many years of experience with all dermatological conditions.

    Medical and Surgical Dermatology
  • Send your doctor a photo. Get help quickly!

    Technological breakthrough expedites care: Service to our patients is our highest priority.

    That’s why we are pioneering in the field of telehealth with our new Ozark Derm Clinic smartphone app.

    It’s dermatology, on your schedule.

    Consult fee: $49

    Send your doctor a photo. Get help quickly!
  • Cosmetic Dermatology

    Medical expertise and advanced technology are combined with compassion in our commitment to providing excellence in patient care. Whether you are in need of medical care or cosmetic services, every aspect of our practice was developed to ensure that our patients have the best possible experience.

    Cosmetic Dermatology



Existing patients and providers, download our app to consult us any time!

1 Install the free OzarkDerm app.

2 Take photos of the problem area.

3 Your dermatologist creates a treatment plan.

4 Your prescriptions are called in (if needed).

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"Instead of waiting for weeks to get an appointment and having to take time off work on top of that, I had an answer within 24 hours. Definitely will use again and tell my friends"– Grateful Mom

"As a pediatrician, I will recommend this app to patients. This is a cost-effective and convenient way to obtain care from skilled dermatologists."–Laureen Benafield M.D.

"These doctors are ahead of the curve. After submitting, I received a response in within 12 hours (they tell you it could take up to 48). My prescription had beed called in by then as well. It's simple to ask questions and you get a response really quickly. A couple of days later I even received a call to check on my progress."–Fiona